Policy and Methodology Research Review

The ability of any non-profit organization to survive and adapt to the challenges of its environment is enhanced when decisions and strategies are based on sound scientific research and application methods. EPMC provides policy and assessment methodology research services both to non-profit organizations and policy makers. The policy research covers the issues listed in the areas of our competence, while the assessment methodology refers to the fields of evaluation and performance management.
There is a recently complete evaluation study on the system of decentralization. At present EPMC research activities are focused on two program areas:

1) The Design of Local Poverty Reduction Strategy and Action Plan. A Case Study.
2) Building Institution and Database System for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation of Ethnic Conflict Resolution Programs. A Case Study.

EPMC believes in the dissemination of research results. We have an objective to publish in our news and research letter, Amber, current policy and methodological research results. Our ambition is to up-to-date clients with the current intellectual tides and practical trends that affect their fundamental interest and needs.