Assessing Existing Performance Management System

Every manager at every level of program planning needs up-to-date, reliable and complete information about all aspects of the program/service in order to make well-informed management decisions about program/service performance and operations. Managers rely mostly on the formal ways of obtaining the information they need to make decisions.
Your management information system gathers together information on a variety of different functions of your organization in order to permit you to plan, monitor and evaluate the operations and performance of programs and services. The information you need comes from several sources. It is usually generated by the different subsystems of your organization and the information comes through many different types of records, registers, forms, monthly summaries, quarterly/annual reports, surveys and special studies which are prepared by staff at different levels and in different departments. Is your formal performance information system suitable and effective for the purpose of measuring your efforts and accounting your results? Do you receive the type of information you need to report to relevant stakeholders? Does the information arrive on time and in a format that is easy to interpret? Is your management system comprehensive and integrated? Does it provide you only the information you need to make decisions?
We will help you to build up an effective and efficient management information system that produces information on demand. Following elaborated steps and undertakings, we analyse and assess the plan, supply and demand subsystems of your performance information.