Who we are and areas of core competence

The firm operates in various sectors and thematic priorities. Our areas of special skill and competence include:

Sub-sectors: basic education, curriculum development, public sector management, performance measurement, fiscal policy and tax administration, agricultural extension service, microfinance, land reform, management of development projects, rural infrastructure development, service co-operatives, marketing, water sources management, information technology, and cultural policy.

Cross-themes: Poverty, Governance, Decentralization and Local Governance, Gender, Conflict Resolution and Transformation, Sustainable Development, Law and Human Rights, Democracy, Capacity Building, and Civil Society.

Your main contact person is Tsegaye Tegenu. He has PhD from Uppsala University and 20 years of experience as a researcher, lecturer, program advisor and evaluator. He is the author of the book titled The Evolution of Ethiopian Absolutism: The Genesis and the Making of the Fiscal Military State. The book analysis the management and use of resources for the safety and well-being of the state. His second book, submitted for publication, is titled The Operation and Performance of Ethnic Decentralization System in Ethiopia. A Case Study of the Gurage Region, 1991-2000.

Tadesse Zerihun has a PhD from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He has 22 years of extensive experience as a researcher, lecturer, field worker and manager of development projects. He is the author of the book A Network Approach to the Coffee Market Sub-sector in Uganda.

In order to offer you a broad range of expertise, we have also made an agreement with other individuals working at universities and international organizations.