Aim and Objectives of EPMC

The Evaluation and Performance Management Consult (EPMC) is a registered private firm located in Uppsala, Sweden. The aim of EPMC is to help non-profit organizations to achieve results and continues service improvements based on the management of an effective performance information system and an appropriate structure of service delivery.

The principal objectives of EPMC include:
(i) provision of alternative choices in project/program design and implementation;
(ii) provision of an independent and objective assessment on the continued relevance, performance, success and cost-effectiveness of projects/programs;
(iii) building of a performance management system that provides information on demand;
(iv) assessing improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of service delivery, and
(v) sharing of methodological knowledge that support and improve existing performance information system.

EPMC plans to fulfil these objectives through conducting an evaluation analysis and designing of performance information system both at the program and organizational levels.